"Comping" in Jazz lingo, is short for "accompanying" (as in acCOMPanying).

Ideally, as in COMPleting, COMPlementing, and even COMPlimenting.

You will most likely COMPose on the spot, COMPare, COMPute, even COMPile COMPetently.

Listen attentively, do not remain COMPlacent.

However, do not COMPete with the soloist: you are in the background. COMPly instead. Be even prepared to COMPromise a bit if needed (your glory, not your integrity...).

Don't be too COMPlicated if the person you are playing with needs your support -- be helpful and COMPassionate if they have trouble keeping the form together. If they are genuinely lost, be their COMPass.

Keep your COMPosure, be COMPrehensible, and avoid being too COMPlex just for the sake of it.

Remember that overplaying on your part might very well result in a musical COMPote!

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